a little about me


Birthdate:Oct 19, 1995
Height:5' 9"
Weight:125 lbs.
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Dress Size:1
Shoe Size:6.5




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Hey everybody, Danni here! I would like to tell you all a little bit about myself. 🙂 For starters I am made up of three races: Irish, Jamaican, and Native American (Cherokee).

I just finished high school this year, and I will be starting college very soon! I will be majoring in Social Work as I aspire to one day be an Adolescent Psychiatrist. I really want to help motivate teens with major life issues to keep pushing through and to stay positive, while teaching them the importance of loving themselves.

I am a huge supporter of Cannabis in general, for both recreational and medical use. I hope that one day we can find many uses for marijuana that will benefit us as a whole, and that one day it will stop being seen as a terrible illegal drug.

I really love modeling, and I will continue to model for as long as I can! I’ve wanted to model my entire life, and I’ve been told that I am a natural in front of the camera haha.

When I’m not modeling, you will always find me with my closest friends. My friends are like family to me, and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that. 🙂

I adore the Japanese culture, and I love reading manga and watching anime. It’s fun to get lost in a really great manga/anime, and I’m happy that there are so many to choose from!

I appreciate all types of music, I’ll groove and bump to just about anything that’s being played. However, my favorite genres of music are house, EDM, electronic, etc!

I’m not that big on parties. I much prefer to kick back with my friends on weekends, go out to dinner, and go see the latest movies! I LOVE scary movies!

Well, I think that sums it up for me. I really hope you all will stick around to learn more about me, and to watch me do my thing for you guys in front of the camera. 😉
*mwah!* I love you all!

Danni Dawn ♥



Fun Facts

Right-handed or left-handed?RightGrilled or fried?Grilled
Do you wear contacts/glasses?Contacts. I'm legally blind.Boxers or briefs?Briefs
Tattoos?No.Morning-person or night-person?Night
Piercings?Ears, belly button.Pizza or pasta?Pizza
Favorite food?Banana Nut MuffinJeans or a dress?Dress
Do you drink?NoAbercrombie & Fitch or The Gap?Abercrombie & Fitch
Do you smoke?I smoke marijuana.Be rich or be happy?Happy of course.
Favorite school subject?HistoryShower or a Bath?Bath. Warm bubble baths.
Least favorite school subject?MathFamily or friends?Both
Favorite holiday?4th of JulyKiss or hug?Hug
Favorite season?Summer Drugs or alcohol or none?Cannabis
Favorite musical artists/bands?I have way too many.Bright or dark room?How about dimmed? ;)
Favorite TV shows?American Horror Story, Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken, and Berserk.Chocolate or vanilla?Vanilla
Favorite movies?Mulan, Harry Potter (all of them), and The Call. Dogs or cats?I NEED THEM BOTH
Favorite sports?Soccer & BasketballPepsi or Coke?Pepsi
Favorite sports teams?San Antonio SpursMcDonalds or Burger King?I'd rather eat dirt.
Any pets?I have a kitten named Marijah. She's my baby. ♥Cappuccino or coffee?Cappuccino
Favorite color?Electric blueDo you like to travel by plane?Yes
Favorite number?4Are you afraid of the dark?Oh, absolutely.
Favorite flower?Daylilly3 things you can’t live without?My friends, my cat, and my laptop.
How big is your bed?QueenWhat did you want to be when you were child?To be a model, and to help people!